10 Ways to Enhance a Flat Butt for Men

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Xuly Classic Brief
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Whether you are a man seeking a woman or man, one thing is generally universal; women seeking men and men seeking men, generally love a round butt on their man. Good looking butts make heads to turn. A round, full backside is a sign of strength and vigor

And it seems the butt situation among many men is pretty dismal these days. There's no shortage of men with a flat backside; partly because some men really have a flat butt, and others just wear clothes that don't fit well, usually creating that flat, diaper butt look.

The good news is that getting a better-looking butt doesn't really cost anything if you're willing to do a little exercise. However, if you want an instant boost, underwear and form-fitting clothing will surely help.

And, if you want to be really aggressive with your booty boosting, then plastic surgery is always an option, though you may want to explore some of the more non-invasive options to start.

So, take a look at the 6 options below to get a little more junk in your trunk.

1. Change Your Posture

One the easiest ways to quickly enhance your shape is to correct your posture--shoulders back with an arched back will make your backside more pronounced.

If you have bad posture, you may want to invest in a posture correction garment.

I'd recommend any of the IntelliSkin garments; they are designed to fix posture, and will provide you with a more flattering shape.

These garments aren't cheap though--they run about $100.

2. Butt-Enhancing Exercises

One of the best and most long-lasting ways to improve the size and appearance of your butt is with butt exercises, like squats, lunges, and leg raises--all are very good for making your glutes more round.

There are a number of ways to do squats, lunges, and leg raises, and no shortage of information online for you to lookup.

You will see a lot of guys doing these exercises with free weights. While free weights are great, I think it's great to start these exercises using just your body weight first. Using your body weight may prove to be more of a challenge than you realize, and a great way to first master the exercises before you introduce weights.

A great guide on squats is over at The Art of Manliness blog; they offer a comprehensive article on squats called The Ultimate Squat Guide. Or, if you want to get a good butt workout video, check out Leandro's Secret Weapon Workout--it's entirely designed for the glutes.

If you decide to start an exercise program, be sure to measure around your hips so you can track your progress.

3. Flatten Your Belly

Yes, flattening your gut can actually make your butt look bigger. When your mid-section is wider then your hips, your butt will look smaller. Lose some weight and you'll make and your hips and butt will look more flattering.

I'm a believer that diet and exercise is the best way to tackle this issue, but I have also used men's shapewear in the past, and love it, so it's another way to slim your mid-section. If you're interested in slimming your waistline instantly with shapewear, check out Spanx for Men.

Another great line is Equmen (shown right); I own several of these, and they are awesome--it's like instant weight loss.

4. Gain Some Healthy Weight

Some guys might be able to add more fullness to their backside by gaining weight.

Guys that fit into this category are usually very skinny; weight gain for skinny men can often create thicker hips and buttocks.

If you're looking to gain weight, then you're going to need to consume more calories. An easy way to do this is to start consuming "weight gainer." Weight gainers are specially formulated protein shakes to assist in weight gain. I'd recommend the Body Fortress Super Mass Gainer; it retails for about $11 and a #1 best seller on Amazon for weight gainers.

Calvin Klein Body Boost Underwear
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Calvin Klein Body Boost Underwear
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ROunderbum Padded Men's Underwear
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5. Butt-Enhancing Underwear

If you're looking for an instant boost to your booty, then you may want to check out butt-enhancing underwear. In recent years, a number of underwear designers are producing butt-enhancing underwear. I generally find that this underwear comes in two different types.

Underwear That Lifts Your Butt

There are a number of designers with profile-enhancing underwear designed to lift your butt so it looks bigger and more voluminous. The designers are numerous, including Calvin Klein, 2(x)ist, Equmen, D. Hedral, Andrew Christian, Aussie Bum, and Intymen to name a few.

Basically, this type of underwear is woven and sewn in such a manner that it naturally lifts the glutes so they look fuller. Some of the material used in some of these products has a spandex/stretch feel.

When searching for this type of underwear it's usually found under categories like shape wear, body wear, or profile-enhancing underwear.

Calvin Klein's Body Boosting Trunk is pretty popular and retails for about $20 per pair.

Underwear That Pads Your Butt

The other underwear option is padded underwear. Again, there are a number of designers for this type of underwear, and ROunderbum one of the more well known brands.

On the backside of this underwear you fill find pads that add extra padding to your butt, so that when you put clothes on your butt has a fuller look.

Now, the question is, would you wear this on date night? There's a risk of an embarrassing discovery of your secret on date night. However, if you look good enough in clothes, you probably look just fine out of them.

These are quite popular though--dozens of 5-star reviews on Amazon hailing the effectivness of this product.

The ROunderbum padded trunk underwear retails for about $22.50

6. Jock Strap & Thongs

Jock straps and thongs won't make your butt look bigger when you've got clothes on, but they do accentuate your backside when your clothes are off--and that perhaps could be of value to your significant other.

A jock strap hugs around the curvature of your buttocks, so it does have a framing effect that can be very flattering. A thong on the other hand does not frame the buttocks, but can be very sexy on the eyes.

The most popular jock straps are made by "Papi." Yes, the brand is called Papi. For thongs, Calvin Klein is probably the most popular.

One word of caution--in order to pull this off you do need to be at least height and weight proportionate, otherwise, neither will look really good. If you're unsure if this is you, then go to Google images, and check out what I mean.

You can pick up a pair for about $15.

Bonobos Men's Pants
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Bonobos Men's Pants
Source: Bonobos

7. Butt-Enhancing Pants

For many men, the path to a better-looking butt is by wearing better-fitting clothes. Unlike women's clothing, where the backside is cut so perfectly to fit the shape of a woman, the same does not hold true for most men's clothing.

One men's clothing brand got its start by tackling the issue of diaper butt. The brand is known as Bonobos. I own several pairs of their pants and absolutely love them and get tons of compliments about the fit. Their pants fit guys great in the back because they cut their pants with a curved waist in order to eliminate a baggy-looking backside. Bonobos also makes shorts that utilize the same technique.

Denim jeans are another issue for many men. I find that cheap denim isn't cut in such a way that it flatters a man's body. If you try on a pair of designer denim, you'll notice a major difference in the fit and your backside. One of my favorite brands is 7 for All Mankind--they really make great fitting jeans for men.

Lastly, you can always have your clothes tailored to take-in any excess material. This might be a more costly option, but if you have favorite pieces that look good on you but need just a little work, it's worth considering. Tighter fitting clothes give you an opportunity to showcase your flattering shape, and for some men, this is all they need.

8. Hip-Hugging Blue Jeans

No matter how small your butt is, a good pair of hip-hugging jeans can work wonders on creating a flattering shape.

And, 7 For All Mankind, is the go-to brand for hip-hugging jeans for men. They've got quite a selection of denim that really flatters the shape of a man, and in a masculine way.

Their denim will set you back over a $100 usually, though you can find deals on Amazon for less. In fact, 7 For All Mankind, has an entire store within Amazon with far more many styles than you would find in some of their retail outlets.

Silicone Butt Implant
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Silicone Butt Implant

9. Plastic Surgery, Silicon Butt Implants & Fat Transfer

If you want to take more drastic and invasive steps to improve the appearance of your butt, then plastic surgery is always an option. Many plastic surgeons can perform butt implant or fat transplant surgery, commonly known as buttock augmentation.

The silicon used for butt implants is made from solid silicon, so it will not bust or leak. The fat transfer process takes fat from another area of the body and injects into your buttocks.

Either procedure can run between $8,500 and $12,000 USD on average. If you want more details on this procedure, I'd recommend you check out the Q&A over a RealSelf.com.

10. Butt-Enhancing Dietary Supplements

Last and perhaps least are the many butt-enhancing dietary supplements on the market.

Now, I can't speak for the efficacy of these products, but have decided to add them to the list because they are available on the market. Whether they are gimmicks or not, I'll let you decide, but I'd wager this option isn't going to be your best bet.

However, if you are interested, a product called GluteBoost is marketed to target this issue. The product claims that it helps move fat storage to your buttocks and hips.

What butt-enhancing method do you prefer most?

  • Exercises & squats
  • Weight loss / weight gain
  • Butt-enhancing underwear
  • Butt-enhancing pants
  • Plastic surgery / butt implants
  • Dietary supplements
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