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How To Shave Your Butt

Statue Gluteus Maximus
Statue Gluteus Maximus
Source: The Girls NY

Many men have hair on their buttocks and around their anus--it’s quite normal and natural.

The hair on your butt does serve a purpose; it helps minimize friction, chaffing, while also keeping the area ventilated and dry.

However, a growing number of men are removing their body hair, including their tail feathers.

Some people ask why would someone want to do this? There are a number of horror stories on pubic shaving, but for men who can master the art, the act is well worth the reward.

Removing body hair can make you look and feel clean, plus it can also be sexually arousing and stimulating not only to you, but to your partner (that is of course if your partner prefers a smooth bum--some don't).

Recommend Shaving Supplies

Here are the recommended shaving supplies:

Shaving Tools

When it comes to shaving your buttocks you're going to need a few tools. For most body grooming that you do, you can generally use just an electric groomer or a manual razor.

In the case of shaving your buttocks, you really need both to achieve an effective shave. The electric body groomer is great to remove hair on the cheeks, but too big to usually get around the anus, so you need a manual razor for that area.

Philips Norelco BG2040 BodyGroom Pro
Philips Norelco BG2040 BodyGroom Pro
Amazon Price: $67.15
List Price: $69.99

Philips Norelco Bodygroom Pro

The Norelco Bodygroom Pro is the #1 best selling body groom on Amazon--a huge favorite among well-trimmed men.

What I like about this unit is the dual end shaving it offers; the shaving head at the top is great for close shaves, and the trimmer at the bottom of the unit with the hair guard is great for trimming down hair.

You can use this unit trim down the hair on your buttocks before shaving with a razor. If you just want to shave your cheeks, then you can using the shaving head to achieve a closer shave, but you won't be able to really use this unit "between the cheeks."

This unit retails for about $70 and a great investment for all your body grooming needs.

Wahl 5640-600 Micro Groomsman Personal Trimmer
Wahl 5640-600 Micro Groomsman Personal Trimmer
Amazon Price: $7.33
List Price: $15.99

Wahl Micro Groomsman

If you don't have a lot of hair on your buttocks, or are in between trims, then you can use something as simple as the Wahl Micro Grooms to cut down the hair.

This unit is great when there is just a little hair that needs to be trimmed. If the hair is thick and long, then you're going to want to use the Philips Norelco Bodygroom Pro above.

This unit is also small enough that you can use it around the anus. If you're wanting to avoid a manual razor all together, then you should pair this with the Bodygroom Pro, and both should be able to accommodate all your grooming needs.

This unit retails for about $13 on Amazon.

Schick Quattro Titanium Refill, 8 Count
Schick Quattro Titanium Refill, 8 Count
Amazon Price: $10.96
List Price: $28.49

Schick Quattro Titanium

If you want a close, super smooth shave, then you're going to need to use a manual razor (after you have trimmed down the hair with a body groomer).

I highly recommend the Schick Quattro Titanium; I think this is one of the best manual razors you can use for body grooming. The blades are wrapped in wires to prevent you from pressing to deeply into the skin--thus minimizing irritation, like razor bumps.

Eight cartridges will run you about $18 on Amazon.

Goody 11" Large Hand Mirror #27847 Color May Very
Goody 11" Large Hand Mirror #27847 Color May Very
Amazon Price: $7.50
List Price: $14.99

Handheld Mirror

In order to properly shave your bum, you've got to be able to see it.

Line of sight is the most difficult problem with shaving your butt, so a mirror is a must have--and I'm going to show you some tricks on how to use it.

You will need a decent size handheld mirror to properly complete this task.

I recommend this large 11" mirror by Goody--it retails for about $12 on Amazon.

Shaving Gel

Brave Soldier Shower Shave is an excellen product to use to shave your buttocks. While most guys may want to use a shaving cream, I really recommend this gel formula.

First, it's clear, so will make it easier for you to see what you're doing (and you do need to see when shaving this area of the body). Second, it's silicone-based, making it incredibly emollient, creating a very comfortable shave. Lastly, it's not just a shave gel, it's also a skin treatment that calms, tones, and prevent irritation--perfect for tender skin.

Brave Soldier Shower Shave retails for about $17 on Amazon.

Anthony Shaveworks The Cool Fix, 5.3 Ounce
Anthony Shaveworks The Cool Fix, 5.3 Ounce
Amazon Price: $21.25
List Price: $25.00


There are a lot of nightmare stories on the web about guys who have had horrible experiences shaving their butts. In all cases, none of them used an antiseptic.

Antiseptic is important because it soothes the skin, close pores, and kill any bacteria. When you don't use antiseptic you increase the chances of skin irritation.

I recommend a product called The Cool Fix. It's a silicone based antiseptic that not only conditions the skin, kills bacteria, but it also has a cooling effect that's quite refreshing.

The Cool Fix retails for about $22 on Amazon.

Balla Powder Talc For Men, Original 100 g
Balla Powder Talc For Men, Original 100 g
Amazon Price: $13.50
List Price: $15.00

Body Powder

After you remove all the hair from your buttocks, your body, in the absence of hair, will not be able to ventilate this area as well as before, so it's crucial that you invest in a good body powder

Body powder is going to help keep your skin dry and smooth.

I recommend Balla Powder. Balla Powder is a high-quality talcum powder that feels great on the skin and keeps you from feeling clammy. The scents they offer are amazing too--it's available in original, tingle-formula, and fragrance-free.

This product retails for about $14 on Amazon.

Exfoliating Cloth

As the hair starts to re-grow, you're going to want to exfoliate the skin to help loosen the hairs and dead skin cells. This will help promote healthy skin and reduce skin irritation.

The Salux Wash cloth is a Japanese invention--and one of the best body exfoliators you can buy on the market I think. It's basically a long rectangle textured cloth made form nylon--perfect from scrubbing the backside.

This product retails for about $6 on Amazon.

How To Shave Your Butt

Follow these step-by-step instructions:

Step 1 - Shower & Dry Yourself

You want to make sure you don't introduce any new bacteria to your skin while you are shaving, so thoroughly clean your body and then completely dry off.

A hot shower or bath is recommended--this will help soften the hair and prepare your skin. Be sure to also dry off with a fresh towel as a re-used towel my contain some bacteria.

Step 2 - Clean & Disinfect Your Razor

While I recommend you start with a fresh razor, if you happen to be using a razor that's relatively new, then you want to make sure your remove any existing debris and bacteria.

You can remove hair lodged between the blades by running the blade under a heavy stream of water or gently tapping the razor on the base of the sink. Once you've cleaned the razor, pour a little rubbing alcohol over the top of the blades to kill any bacteria.

If you're using an electric groomer, you can clean the unit by opening the razor and removing stray hairs. To disinfect the unit, dab some alcohol onto a cotton swab and wipe the razor blades.

Step 3 - Trim The Hair On Your Buttocks

If the hair on your butt is long, you are going to need to trim down the hair so that you can effectively use your manual razor or body groomer. A clogged razor will make your shaving more difficult, plus could create some painful snagging as hairs get stuck.

If the hair is thick, then I'd recommend using the Phillips Norelco Bodygroom Pro. If the hair is light and thin, then you should be able to use the Wahl Micro Groomsman.

Step 4 - Apply Shaving Gel To Your Buttocks

Squeeze a small amount of shave gel into your palm, add a little water, and then apply to one of your buttocks (just one, not both); next, rinse hands clean and dry them. The reason you want to apply to just one cheek is so that you can easily pull them apart without your hands slipping--this will make it easier to shave.

Step 5 - Shave Your Buttocks

Wet your razor blade with cold water and begin shaving the hair on your buttocks. If you're using a body groomer, then just begin shaving.

If you want a close shave, then shave "against" the grain; if you tend to be more prone to skin irritation, then you may want to shave "with" the grain.

Ideally, you should be standing up with your butt facing the mirror in your bathroom; this will make it easier for you to see what you're doing without straining your back too much.

As you begin to shave, the razor will do the heavy lifting, so it only needs to be pressed lightly against the skin. For those using a manual razor, rinse the blade frequently in cold water (cold water minimizes redness) to dislodge any hairs that are stuck. If you're using a body groomer, then remove any excess hair from the blades and comb frequently.

If by chance you nick yourself, you can use a styptic pen to stop the bleeding.

Step 6 - Shave Between The Cheeks

Shaving between the cheeks is the trickiest part as it's the hardest to see. This is why you need a handheld mirror for this step.

Once you've shaved your butt cheeks, now it's time to shave between the cheeks. To do this effectively, lay a handheld mirror on the floor, facing up. Then, squat above the mirror, and begin shaving.

Continue to rinse your razor frequently to prevent the cartridge from becoming clogged. If you have just a light amount of hair growth around your anus, you can use the Wahl Micro Groomsman personal trimmer.

Step 7 - Rinse Your Buttocks

After you’ve removed all the hair and are satisfied with your shave, rinse any excess shave gel and stray hairs off with cold water. You may also want to use a non-irritating body wash.

Step 8 - Dry Yourself Off

Pat yourself dry with a fresh, clean towel; using an old towel may introduce bacteria into the skin.

Step 9 - Apply Antiseptic To Your Buttocks

Apply a generous and even amount of antiseptic/razor bump treatment to your skin. This treatment is best applied right after you rinse your body. Allow the antiseptic treatment to dry before applying any body powder or putting on clothes.

Depending on your skin type, this may or may not burn a little. You should apply the antiseptic for the first few days, everyday, after you shave.

Step 10 - Apply Body Powder To Your Buttocks

Now apply body powder to your bum; this will keep you dry and fresh, plus prevent any chaffing or itching. You should re-apply the body powder everyday.

Step 11 - Exfoliate Your Buttocks

After a few days have lapsed, you will need to start to exfoliate your butt so to prevent ingrown hairs and skin irritation. Using an exfoliating cloth will help loosen the hair and remove any dead skin cells. You will need to do this every few days, but not every day in most cases.

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What method of hair removal would you prefer for your butt?

  • Manual Razor
  • Electric Body Groomer
  • Hair Removal Cream
  • Male Brazilian Waxing
  • Laser Hair Removal
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