Feminine Clothing for Men: A Good Look at 18 Seductive Styles

The History of Feminine Fashion for Men

When it comes to fashion, modern day men are trying new styles of clothing, especially styles that sport some softer feminine touches and, in some cases, are overtly feminine. The metrosexual is turning into something else.

However, this is not the first time in history this has happened. Centuries ago, men donned a number of styles and garments with extravagance, flair, and femininity. Those men were not afraid to express a softer side. When Beau Brummel introduced the 3-piece suit in the 1800s, that led to a more subdued look for men. This was the beginning of the modern-day division between men's and women's fashion.

Now, two hundred years later, we are witnessing the metamorphosis of the metrosexual into something more revealing and seductive–men who will "flirt openly with feminine styles and fashion," according to an article by scandanavianfashion.net titled Feminine Styles For Men Gain Ground.

From v-necks to skinny jeans, feminine clothes for men are now mass market; however, the style still has potential for growth. Designer fashions today are trending toward the more androgynous, playful, and form-fitting, while taking every liberty to reveal the beauty of the male physique.

Examples of Feminine Clothing Styles for Men

Let's review some examples of men's clothing and accessories that flirt with the feminine:

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The V-Neck

The v-neck style is quite common in women's dress tops; v-necks for men have been around for a long time but haven't been as popular until recently.

The v-neck is more feminine because it opens up the face by exposing the chest at an angle–it's a very inviting look that conveys approachability.

American Apparel is probably the leading retailer for v-necks. They have a full assortment of colors and sizes, and I own most of them. If you take a pair of your nicest jeans, pair it with a v-neck, and then top it off with a blazer and some hot shoes, you've got a stunning look. If you've got the money, I'd also recommend checking out some of the major online retailers like Neiman Marcus or Saks–most carry designer v-necks, and the fabrics, cuts, and style are superb.

Buyer beware: don't wear undergarment v-necks (e.g. Fruit of the Loom & Hanes) in public–it doesn't look good. You need to buy v-necks that were made to be worn as a regular shirt.

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Slim Fit Shirts

Finding a slim fit shirt used to be almost impossible, but now a number of clothing retailers are producing them.

Slim fit shirts bring out a feminine quality because they are tapered around the waist to create the contoured look which is common in most shirts worn by women today.

Express for Men started out as the leading retailer for men's slim fit shirts several years ago. They have three different slim fit styles: modern fit (snug), fitted stretch (more snug), and extra fitted (snuggest). However, the shirts made by Express are not my favorites–the cotton is stiff and not very soft. Saks Off 5th is a great place to purchase men's slim fit shirts. The cuts are great, the fabrics are amazing and, believe it or not, the price is about the same you would pay at Express.

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Shawl Collars

Nothing says larger-than-life louder than a shawl collar.

A shawl collar–quite common in women's clothing, especially dress clothing–channels the feminine as it enfolds the neck with a grandness and boldness that draws attention to the face.

Shawl collars tend to be very seasonal in men's clothing–you may only see them in winter collections, whereas in women's clothing you see them all year round.

I find that American designers aren't very generous with their shawl collars, but European/Asian designers will definitely take more liberties in their designs. In fact, in Asia, the collars can be everything from exotic to regal. If you love shawl collar jackets, cardigans, and hoodies, then you'll want to check out YesStyle, an importer of Asian fashions, as they have the best selection of shawl collar garments for men.

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Fur or Faux Fur Lined Jackets

Similar to the shawl collar, a fur or faux fur lined jacket has a grandness and opulence that will certainly put you in touch with your feminine side.

In the US, these can be somewhat difficult to find. There are definitely jackets with fur or faux-fur collars, but they aren't feminine. I have found that in the US, there will only be a handful of fur lined collar jackets that are truly spectacular. In Asia, though, this style is everywhere. YesStyle is another great resource for this type of jackets. You may also want to check with some of the larger luxury retailers like Neiman's, Saks, and Bluefly.

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Fitted Pants

Finding good fitted men's pants, especially dress/casual pants, is still fairly difficult. However, one designer sticks out from the rest: Bonobos.

Bonobos is doing two things with their fashion that I love (and it's very feminine): first, their pants are specially cut on the backside to flatter the curve of your butt–no more diaper butt. Women don't get to be the only ones with an attractive butt anymore. Second, Bonobos also produce a bootcut or flared leg in their dress pants, also very rare to see, but quite common among women's clothing. For a pear-shaped man, I think a bootcut pant works well as it helps to even out the pear a little. Bonobos also carries tapered leg pants as well.

Even if you're a guy with no butt, your butt will look good in pants from Bonobos.

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Leggings for Men

One of the rarest and most feminine subjects of men's fashion are leggings. Leggings were worn by both men and women during the Renaissance period, and now they're back.

You will see garments that are leggings-ish, like some jogging pants that men wear, but I don't really consider those leggings. When I see a man wearing leggings I'm always surprised, moreso than seeing a man in a skirt, because if you don't have the right top on, leggings give the general public a good outline of your anatomy, so keep this in mind when you pull on and choose a shirt to wear with your leggings.

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Harem Pants

Harem pants originated in India and are a cross between a skirt and a skinny jean.

A harem pant is feminine because it would normally be worn by a belly dancer; the dancer would also wear a short skirt that covers the top of the harem pant.

These are starting to come into style in the US, but they've been around much longer in other parts of the world like Asia. If you like harem pants, you will want to check out YesStyle.

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Men's Skirts

H&M unveiled its skirts for men in 2010. Kilts have always been popular among some men as well. In the US, when you see a man wearing a skirt, it's typically the 'Utilikilt' (which I wouldn't call fashionable).

The H&M brand definitely has its share of feminine clothing for men, so it's no surprise they have introduced a skirt (and harem pants, as well).

I love feminine clothing for men, but a skirt is something I can't get into. Men don't typically have sexy legs; they have hairy legs, and that's not always a hot look to be sporting, but that's just my opinion.

What do you think about men in skirts: yes or no?

Would you wear a skirt or have you ever seen a man wear one well?

  • Yes. It's not for everyone but some guys look great in skirts.
  • No. Just no.
  • Maybe. It hasn't happened yet but I won't say never.
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Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans are another feminine style blooming in men's fashion today. This style of jean is generally worn by the only guys who can pull this look off–skinny guys.

Now some may say that skinny guys in skinny jeans isn't a very attractive look, but I think it actually works well for skinny men. These jeans can be very flattering of the male body and physique, allowing people to see that you have a shape, even if you're not that big.

Wearing skinny jeans also requires no small amount of courage and confidence, and this says something about a guy, I think.

If you're looking for skinny jeans, I'd recommend 7 for All Mankind: hands down, they make the best jeans for men. They'll set you back $100+, but are well worth the price.

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Hip Hugging Denim for Men

High waisted jeans are no more.

Hip hugging jeans look great on women, and now all the denim designers have realized hip hugging jeans look great on men, too. Well, most of the designers anyway–Levi's are getting better but are not quite there yet.

Just like with skinny jeans, hip hugging jeans accentuate the male physique a little better, and it's definitely a more inviting look. I also think they make your butt look better.

Again, if you're looking for hip hugging jeans, then you definitely want to check out 7 for All Mankind–they have a wide assortment of great fitting denim.

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Short Shorts for Men

Over the years, most designers have kept men's shorts sitting right at the knee or just above the knee, but never far above the knee. However, women have had short, classy shorts for years, and it looks like times are starting to change.

In recent years, we've seen a surge of men's short shorts come into the market, and guess what? Guys who've got the legs for it look really good in them.

However, if you've got really hairy legs or a lot of fat on your legs, this may not be the best look for you. The guy pictured here has probably had his legs waxed (and that's okay too, smooth skin feels and looks great).

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Thin Belts for Men

Thin belts are quite common among women's executive fashion. Typically, the average belt for a man is about 2" to 2.5" in width.

The thin belt shown here is about 1" in width. I own a couple thin belts–they're a great way to add a dainty quality to your ensemble. However, these too are also fairly difficult to find. You can easily find them from many high-end retailers. However, if you want something more affordable you can get them custom made by a leather belt maker for much less.

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Whimsical Ties

You may be asking, what is a whimsical tie? Whimsical ties are designer ties that are colorful and usually feature some sort of playful pattern that involves animals or objects. They are fun, playful, and inviting.

The leading designer for whimsical ties is Hermes. Hermes silk twill ties are not only playful, but they are also timeless, completely charming, and really transform a man's business attire and shape the persona he projects in the workplace.

Traditional and conservative business attire, while classy, can be a bit too reserved, pretentious, and masculine. An Hermes tie will visually disarm the aggressive, masculine ego into something that is a bit more playful and approachable.

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Source: Ascot Tie

Ascot Tie

An ascot tie is something you rarely see any more, but they are a great way to add a little color and flair to your neck.

Unlike the traditional tie that is thin and tied around your neck, an ascot is much wider, like a scarf, and has to be folded, tied, and tucked under your shirt.

These ties were at one time considered very masculine. However, men stopped wearing them, and generally they are seen today only on more femininely-styled men.

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Source: Lifestyle Hunter

The Neckerchief for Men

Similar to the ascot tie, the neckerchief is a scarf that you can fold and tie around your neck with a small knot.

Women have always worn these, as men have at different times during history, and they've become quite popular in recent years–I'm seeing men all over the place sporting neckerchiefs.

There are a number of retailers selling these scarves. However, I also notice that a lot of guys seem to be wearing one for the sake of wearing one without really trying to coordinate the look with their outfit. Sometimes this works, and sometimes it doesn't. I like my neckwear to be relevant to the overall look I'm wearing.

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Source: Gucci Scarf

Scarves for Men

Nothing can dress up a neck and a face like a scarf, especially one that is fully embellished.

Although men have worn scarves throughout history, within the last few generations, you've seen mostly women wear them. Today, however, you can pay a visit to any big city and you'll see quite a number of men wearing scarves.

Scarves for men are one of the easiest feminine garments to find as almost all men's clothing retailers are carrying them.

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Man Bag, Murse, or Tote Bag

Today you'll find men sporting stylish duffel bags, tote bags, and all sorts of other man bags. A designer tote bag is another great accessory that will add a feminine quality to your style.

We typically only see women carrying bags, but in recent years these have become all the rage among men. In fact, it's rare to see a designer men's runway collection without seeing boys carrying totes.

However, to be clear, the most stylish of these bags are generally found from top designers, so be prepared to sink some cash into one. Some of the value-priced retailers have them, but they aren't always easy to find.

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Men's Sandals

Sandals open up your feet by exposing more skin–yet another feminine characteristic of this footwear style.

Some of the new men's sandal styles are very thin and chic and, like the sandal featured, sometimes look almost Roman.

Men: Looking Pretty and Loving It

As you can see, there is no shortage of feminine-inspired clothes for men. The most exciting part is that the market is still relatively new, so I think we've still got more new styles coming from the fashion industry.

If you are anxious to find more feminine clothing for men, I would suggest that you check out men's fashion from Asia: it's very feminine and avant-garde.

Where to Find Feminine Clothes for Men

Below is a list of all the retailers who carry feminine-inspired clothes for men:

If you find feminine-inspired fashions for men fascinating, then you should also check out my article on the Top 32 Brands of Men's Jewelry--it's visually stunning.

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In closing, the picture above is from the Spring 2011 collection of Louis Vuitton, and it's truly emblematic of how ubiquitous and fabulous feminine clothes have become for men–the lambskin anorak with the large ruffle collar, the short shorts, a see-through sweater, a man bag, a bracelet, and open sandals--it doesn't get any more ladylike than this, guys.

How effeminate is your wardrobe today?

  • Not at all and never will be
  • Not at all, but would like it to be
  • I've definitely got effeminate fashions
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Henry Wriothesley, 3rd Earl of Southampton
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Henry Wriothesley, 3rd Earl of Southampton
Source: Wikipedia

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Comments 12 comments

brutishspoon profile image

brutishspoon 16 months ago from Darlington, England

There is a guy who comes shopping where I work with his wife. He always wears a full length skirt

Michigan Patriot 16 months ago

They are not effeminate styles , just usurped by cross-dressing females the last 50 years and offered only to female transvestites; such gender bias against males !

darryl lyons 14 months ago

Whatever a person meaning (male) is comfortable on wearing is his choosing. Nobody should judge him

Lucky0967 13 months ago from UK

Men and women wear should mainsteam included shop to mske it easier than each dept floor.. it lots easier and sell would be good for business.. men can buy women clothes as women for men clothes like swap it.. so think put together into one all big clothes dept... i do wear skirts, tights, legging, women footwear cos it make me comfortable... i also wear women brief as well it so soft

david dickson 12 months ago

What a lot of crap most women's clothes can historically from men any way leather mini skirts were worn by Roman soldiers, as were frock coats tights super man and Robin good I wear skirts any where and when I like

Jacob J Morris profile image

Jacob J Morris 12 months ago from Atlanta Hub Author

David, we know.

Angels 8 months ago

I have dressed both if my sons in skirts since they were little. They are quite comfortable with them and i hope they will continue to be. I like unisex clothing for men and boys.

devils 7 months ago

angels, im all for everything going on in here, but that just hit me as... why.... why would you put your sons through that, if its their choice to do so, all for it, but it seems like you kinda just did it. cause it was something you wanted, not really them... idk, i may be a bit odd, im only just now entering the trans scene... just feels wrong to do that to a kid that may or may not have had an interest in it, but now it doesnt really matter...

David 7 months ago

Iv'e always liked wearing high neck button through cardigans. I've even worn some of the chunkier ladies style

David 7 months ago

Every autumn in the past I would trawl the department stores in search of male chunky knit cardigans. It would be rare to find men's fashion round neck types which buttoned to my neck. I used to see ladies plain chunky lumber cardigans which quite appealed to me, so I decided to try wearing one myself. Apart from the buttons being on the wrong side which I soon got used to, I felt quite comfortable wearing a ladies cardigan. They were usually plain chunky knit types in dark colours. I soon learnt how to convert ladies sizes to my own and I ended up buying quite a few over the years. I even got my local wool shop to make them for me. I have noticed also that cardigans are starting to be sold as a unisex garment with male buttoning.

In addition as I have got older, I am more predisposed to wearing button through cardigans. I love them.

However all this said, women tend to wear frilly shrugs these days and not a conventional button through cardigans as in the past. So I suppose this in itself has caused a shift towards men wearing a conventional cardigans.

I have parka coats with fur round the hood and I love wearing trench coats, but that's about the extent of my effeminate dress code

joan b. 7 months ago

A few years ago in the Summertime, I

was out shopping with a fellow worker

(a woman) who was buying a new skirt

for herself, when suddenly I decided I

needed one for myself. So this guy tried

on a few and found a couple that I

liked. And I bought them and wore them

that weekend. I was in heaven.

Skirt, fully shaved body, sandals, toe ring,

anklet, blouse and a fresh mani/pedi.

My very long hair in a ponitail and


Went out to dine, etc.

Loved it all.

Love my (now) some 10 skirts.

Love my feminine side.

Final point, I enjoy the comfort and

freedom of a skirt much more than

pants. And I just feel healthier too.

George 3 months ago

Several months ago, I chose to lift a few pairs of panties from my then-wife's drawer. I made a concerted effort to find what I felt were the sexiest and (of course) best-fitting for my torso. Doing so wasn't so easy, as my equipment had more influence on how the fit was than my thoughts.

Shortly, I recognized that I'd be better off by purchasing my own panties. A local store that has an extensive array of panties of all sorts has given me much enjoyment. I have some of the prettiest panties I could have ever imagined. These make me feel so incredibly sexy, no matter if I'm home alone and enjoying the comfort or if I'm out in public with my "normal" apparel on - over these delicious garments. I've also taken to spritzing with a bit of feminine fragrance - not much, and that provides me with additional enjoyment. Lastly, I've acquired a few pair of leggings that are form-fit and sexier than any other outer clothing I've ever worn. I greatly enjoy my time in these delightful new outfits.

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